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A HUGE shout-out from the Allegan Alternative High School Staff to all of you amazing people who attended the Michigan Alternative Education Conference this year!  Spending two days sharing in our passions with individuals who get it – who understand the same struggles, persevere towards the same goals, and provide the same relentless love – continues to inspire us with new ideas, and invigorate our spirit as an alternative high school.  Thank you all.

As promised by the Mindfulness Boys, you’ll find images of the sticky note brainstorm wall below.  We hope you find them useful as you begin to subtly implement mindfulness into different parts of your school day.  Note:  A typed list of the content on the sticky notes is also provided to save your eyes (and your time).

And to close, here are some Tuesday Tips:

  1. Live in the moment.
  2. Be flexible.
  3. Be kind to yourself.

Sending nothing but love <3






Sticky Note Brainstorm:  Ideas on When/How to Use Mindfulness in the Classroom

  1. Techniques to Refocus
  2. Monthly Activity Day
  3. Class Transitions
  4. Before Standardized Testing
  5. Post Visual Mindfulness Reminders
  6. Transition after Break/Lunch
  7. Use Visualization for a “Field Trip” in History Class
  8. Meditation Station to “Take a Minute”
  9. Dance Party/Music Break
  10. Sensory Focused Activity
  11. Stress Break
  12. Deep Ujjayi Breath
  13. Stretching
  14. Make Rain Sticks
  15. Chair Yoga and Breathing
  16. Bellringer/Warmup Daily Goal
  17. Adding Music
  18. Use Visualization to “See” Academic Success
  19. Can help students feel more in control of situation/lives/emotions
  20. Breathing techniques can help students focus for the day.
  21. Mindfulness in a Class Exit Slip
  22. Keep Breathing Slide Up
  23. Purposeful Mindfulness Walks
  24. Use Visualizations to Energize
  25. Weekly Goal Wall
  26. Quiet Bringing Back to the Classroom in 5..4…3..2..1..
  27. Today’s Feelings on Sticky Notes
  28. Stretch/Meditation with Anxious Students
  29. Mindfulness as Non-Toxic Masculinity
  30. Taking Care of the Base of Maslow’s Hierarchy
  31. Great for Circles
  32. I want to model it myself before leading classroom exercises.
  33. Prior to Conflict Mediation
  34. Check In Process as Students Enter
  35. Active Mindfulness for Sleepy Students
  36. Guided Visualization for Students Reentering Class
  37. Breathing to Deescalate
  38. Brain Breaks as Parts of Projects
  39. Refocus Area
  40. Helps Keep Staff Balanced
  41. Use to Decrease Bus Anxiety
  42. Life Skills Class
  43. Guided Visualization or Mindfulness Enrichment Groups
  44. How are you feeling today?
  45. Ask Students How THEY want to achieve mindfulness.


Written by Aaron Rogers, Dean of Students

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