Meet Our School

Listen to the students and staff of Allegan Alternative High School as they tell you a little bit about their school, the atmosphere, and their innovative uses of technology.


Curious to know more about our team?  Check out a few fun facts below, and get in touch with us to learn more about our initiatives!


  • Laura Feffer, Principal:  Laura loves being a soccer mom, eating peanut butter straight from the jar, and once caught a 50-inch musky on a Canadian fishing trip.


  • Aaron Rogers, Dean of Students:  Aaron’s spirit animal is most likely a koala-otter hybrid, and he’s a little too obsessed with adventure tourism and superpowers.  He can often be found exploring the Great Lakes, indulging his passion for locally crafted food and fare, and telling embellished tales of his two crazy orange cats.


  • Jeff Patterson, English Teacher:  Jeff is a Taurus, so like…you know.  Jeff’s two favorite sons probably have more soccer jerseys than they do pairs of socks, he dreams of driving for Uber in his summers off, and his weekends are often filled with road trips to Central Michigan with his significant other, Kimberly Kreeger, to see their sweet angel Maddison, who just finished her first year of college.


  • Libby Geurink, Math Teacher:  When Libby isn’t scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, skydiving, or petting koala bears in Australia, she can be found living a simple life with her husband and two daughters who love to read, road trip, and take leisurely family bike rides along the coastal dunes of Lake Michigan.


  • Mark Horn, Science Teacher:  Mark has a small army of assorted bobbleheads, and travels to many exotic locations that possess Minor League Baseball stadiums when not playing in his perennial gardens or hunting for treasures in thrift stores.


  • Kyle Shack, Social Studies Teacher:  Kyle enjoys teaching at the paradoxical intersection of history and technology.  His passions include spending time with his wife at their second home, Spartan Stadium, where their fandom walks the line between obsession and unhealthy obsession.  When not espousing the teachings of Sparty, Kyle can be found running, reading, golfing, or reading about golfing.


  • Brandy Salters, Therapist:  Brandy is a mom to two boys and two young adults.  She loves theater, from acting and singing, to directing and producing.  In her spare time she owns it on her karaoke app in competitions with people from around the world.


  • Deb Dangremond, Secretary:  Deb’s favorite place to be is with her husband and camera on the sideline of her two children’s sporting events.  She’s an active member of the Girl Time Book & Wine Club, and loves to hike and snow shoe, but don’t let her quiet side fool you – GI Deb kicked butt as a Marine in her former life.


  • Lisa Alofs, School Chef:  You can usually find Lisa snuggling her little yorkie, Daisy Dog, while living the country life on 40 acres of gardens, quads and baby chicks.  She loves to kayak the Kalamazoo River, experiment with food both at home and at school, and spend time with her husband of 34 years with their amazing son.


  • Marte Roach, Art Teacher:  Marte serves through Art with her violin, pencil and paint brush as a right-brained people lover with ADD. Her spirit animal is a reflection of the female, mothering tiger.