Make the Positives So Loud

  This quote by educator George Couros has become a personal mission of mine. While I once thought that it was nearly impossible to change people’s perception of what Allegan Alternative High School is and who our students truly are, I have begun to feel differently. While there will always be those who cling to […]

Restorative Justice

 So what is Restorative Justice? While there will always be instances where suspension/expulsion are necessary, Allegan Alternative’s approach to helping students solve problems and mediate conflicts follows a Restorative Justice model. Unlike traditional discipline models, which are based on blame and punishment, Restorative Justice focuses on repairing harm done to relationships. In a Restorative Justice […]

The Knights on Bikes

We have been incredibly lucky over the past few years to have multiple organizations, businesses, and community members walk through our doors and simply ask, “What can we do to help?”   Having people outside of our walls eager to partner with our staff and students was such a foreign concept at first, that the […]

The Honorary Eagle

Only two years into our Mind, Body, Spirit Initiative and our list of community partners has grown to over thirty.  While the bulk of these are newly established partners, at the very bottom you’ll find one organization that has been with us from the beginning:  Immanuel Lutheran Church.   “Holiday dinner!” “Generosity t-shirts!” “Prom!”   These […]

Perennial Students

Earth Day serves as a reminder that we share our planet with others.  Others alive today and in the future, around the world and around the block.  It’s a reminder that sometimes we take our relationships for granted, meaning it’s a great reminder not to.   For students at Allegan Alternative High School, Earth Day […]

Soaring on the Spirit of Allegan

When Allegan Alternative High School began their Mind, Body, Spirit Initiative, it was clear that community involvement would be instrumental in order to approach education in a more well-rounded, holistic manner.  Involving the passion, skills, and diversity of community members provides students with opportunities to both expand their scope of learning outside of the classroom, […]