Make the Positives So Loud

  This quote by educator George Couros has become a personal mission of mine. While I once thought that it was nearly impossible to change people’s perception of what Allegan Alternative High School is and who our students truly are, I have begun to feel differently. While there will always be those who cling to […]

Restorative Justice

 So what is Restorative Justice? While there will always be instances where suspension/expulsion are necessary, Allegan Alternative’s approach to helping students solve problems and mediate conflicts follows a Restorative Justice model. Unlike traditional discipline models, which are based on blame and punishment, Restorative Justice focuses on repairing harm done to relationships. In a Restorative Justice […]

Mindful MAEO

A HUGE shout-out from the Allegan Alternative High School Staff to all of you amazing people who attended the Michigan Alternative Education Conference this year!  Spending two days sharing in our passions with individuals who get it – who understand the same struggles, persevere towards the same goals, and provide the same relentless love – […]

The Knights on Bikes

We have been incredibly lucky over the past few years to have multiple organizations, businesses, and community members walk through our doors and simply ask, “What can we do to help?”   Having people outside of our walls eager to partner with our staff and students was such a foreign concept at first, that the […]

Alternative Education Quiz Bowl

For the past three years, Allegan Alternative High School has competed in The Alternative Education Quiz Bowl.  This academic competition really brings out the best in our students.  Not only are they flexing their brains, but they are engaging in collaboration, showing good sportsmanship and having fun.     Teams throughout southwest Michigan including Crossroads […]

Adaptive Schools

Humans are creatures of habit.  Much of what we do and how we do it is simply out of routine and tradition that feels almost automatic to our brains and bodies.  For us humans who teach, forming habits in the classroom can certainly be helpful, but when left unattended to, can really hurt student learning. […]

Education Within and Without Walls

As an educator, there is a unique, joyous feeling when you see passion ignite in your students that resembles a passion of your own.   At Allegan Alternative High School, we are fortunate to have many of these moments.     Our innovative culture and open-minded student body allow educators to intertwine many defining pieces […]

AAHS Stock Market Team

At the beginning of my economics class this year a student asked if the class would involve a simulation with the stock market. Simulations are some of my favorite activities to use with students, as the opportunity for experiential learning often mobilizes students who would otherwise struggle to engage with the content. Sadly, I had […]