The Knights on Bikes

We have been incredibly lucky over the past few years to have multiple organizations, businesses, and community members walk through our doors and simply ask, “What can we do to help?”


Having people outside of our walls eager to partner with our staff and students was such a foreign concept at first, that the question was actually difficult to answer.


The Knights on Bikes/Knights of Columbus patiently responded to our dilemma by sitting down with us to brainstorm what a reciprocal partnership might look like – and we are so grateful.



The partnership began by the Knights giving to our students.  They started with generous financial contributions to our PBIS system and student projects, but for the Knights this wasn’t quite enough.  They wanted to spend time with our students.  So, they planned a Back to School Bash for our entire school, complete with dinner, prizes, and a live band.  Before the bells even rang for the school year, students had the opportunity to celebrate together, and feel the love of a supportive, caring community.


Yet one thing the Knights value and have modeled for our students is the importance of finding ways to give back to those who have given to you.


And so, for six consecutive Friday evenings, the Knights invited our students and staff to help execute their legendary Friday Night Fish Fries!  Students arrived early to set up, stayed late to clean up, and rushed from the kitchen to the tables in between, serving fresh-cooked meals to over two hundred people each night.  Giving never smelled so good!



When all is said and done, and the community has left with bellies full, the Knights “give” one more time to those who have “given” as they serve up one last batch of fish to the student volunteers.  The Knights and the students rest their tired feet and dine together, relishing in the opportunity to care and support their community together.


We are grateful to the Knights, Eagles at heart, and partners in the truest form.





Written by Laura Feffer, Principal

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